Change font sizes

In version 5 you can change font size on the Typography section.

Mobile Fonts

To change font sizes on the mobile view only you can use a media query like this. Place this code in the Custom CSS field at the bottom of the design tab.  Just change the pixel value.

@media (max-width: 480px) { 	
#cspio-headline{font-size:30px; } 	
#cspio-description p{font-size:14px; } 	
#cspio-subscribe-btn{font-size:14px; } 	
#cspio-thankyoumsg p{font-size:14px; } 	
/* Alerts */ 	
#cspio-alert{font-size:14px; } 	
/* Countdowns */ 	
.countdown_amount{font-size:14px; } 	
.countdown_section{font-size:14px; } 	
/* Progress Bar */ 	
#cspio-progressbar .progress-bar {font-size: 19px; } 

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