Migrating From Version 4 to 5

To migrate from Version 4 of the Coming Soon Pro plugin to Version 5 follow these steps:

Note: Version 4 is perfectly stable and if your site is working fine on this version there is no need to upgrade.  We recommend you just install Version 5 on the next site you need the plugin on. If you've done lots of customizations to your site in Version 4 not all those customization would convert over to Version 5. If you have any questions please contact support.

  1. I always recommend making a backup of your site and database before proceeding.
  2. Version 5 has a new folder name so you can install it while Version 4 is running
  3. Install and activate the new version following these instructions. Installing Coming Soon Pro
  4. Run the migration tool which you will see if Version 4 is installed.

That's it!

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