To edit the page's html follows these steps. Make sure you are done editing the page with customize. Once you edit the page's html customize changes will no longer show up until you click get html again but you then need to merge back in your custom code.

  1. Click Get HTML in the Edit Rendered HTML field under the Advanced Settings
  2. This will pull in the pages current html. It's best then to copy this into your html editor of choice to edit the html.
  3. Next copy  your alter html back into the Rendered HTML Field and click Save HTML.
  4. Your HTML will now be used on the page. Tp go back to using the customizer remove the custom html and save your changes.

To edit the underlying code template, see this. (Advanced users only, must know php, html, css and js)

  1. Create a folder in your wp-content/uploads/ called seedprod
  2. Inside that folder create a folder called template-1 (If you are customizing a Landing Page, replace 1 with the page id of that Landing Page)
  3. Then copy the index.php from the seedprod/template folder into the template-1 folder you just created and now you can customize this to meet your needs. 
  4. Line 1 - 697 are the head and where all the calculations are made for the template. Line 698 - 754 is where the main body html is rendered and the rest of the file are footers scripts.

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